Alpha Female: Shadowfrost

Age: 42 moons

About: A small, sleek, black, female with icy blue eyes. She is the daughter of Poseidon. She has had two pups with her previous mate, Emberbreeze and Robinwing. Her sister is Cloudfeather.

Alpha Male: Reserved

Beta Female: Reserved

Beta Male: Reserved

Delta: Leo

Age: 12 moons

About: This scrawny little red and black pup is the son of Hephaestus. He has the rare ability of fire. 

Elders: None

Healer: Cloudfeather

Age: 42 moons

About: This pure black wolf is almost identical to her sister, Shadowfrost.

Lead Warrior: Scarlet

Age: Unknown

About: She is a powerful wolf with a scarlet pelt and greenish blue eyes.

Lead Hunter: Reseved

Warriors: None

Hunters: None



Age: N/A

Desc. coming soon!



Age: 10 moons

About: This black she wolf is stocky and has bright pumpkin orange eyes. Her sister is Robinwing.


Age: 10 moons

About: This agile brown she wolf is playful and curious. Her eyes are the same color as her mother's, icy blue.


Age: 11 moons

About:  This strange young wolf is a dark obsidian with long claws. His orbs glow blue. Venus has long tendrils that can sting and electrocute, which appear on his tail, elbows, and his neck. On the ends, these also glow an eerie blue. What looks to be a third eye is on his forehead, but is merely another design alike the ones along his sides. His large crush on Robinwing can sometimes get the shy young wolf into trouble with Leo. 


Age: 7 moons

About: This gray and white female is a loyal, fiery, kind, collected, protective and beautiful she wolf. Luna is friendly and seems to have a inability to lie to any wolf she meets. She is a very trusting wolf, and is willing to give others a chance. Though slow to anger, Luna is hell on earth when she is mad. Though her past isn't pleasant, Luna tries to be positive wolf, but she can't help feeling lonely. Luna has a massive crush on Erion and seems to have taken a dislike to Emberbreeze due to feeling a little threatened by the other female.


Age: N/A

Desc. coming soon!



Age: N/A

Desc. coming soon!

No prophecies for the moment. This will be updated when the time comes.

Most, if not all Thunderpack wolves have ADD or ADHD and Dyslexia (Though for wolves the latter isn't a problem) They reside in the southern woods. 

"Beware the light, for it precedes the Thunder"

  • Leo, the Delta of our pack.
    Leo, the Delta of our pack.
  • Posiden, one of our many gods.
    Posiden, one of our many gods.
  • Boreas, another one of our gods.
    Boreas, another one of our gods.
  • Shadowfrost, alphess of our pack.
    Shadowfrost, alphess of our pack.

Pack Beliefs:

Thunderpack believes in the ancient Greek gods. Many of the pack members are children of the gods and goddesses. Us wolves refer to that as being a half-blood. Most of the pack members are also children or grandchildren of these half-bloods.
"Hide little paladins, only to come out to watch your world crumble around you. Your only hope is the shadows, but they too, have been corrupted."


There are certain powers that are very rare in this pack. This guide will tell you what powers the most well known gods would pass on to their children and how rare a power is, though we recommend you do research about your godly parent. If you want your godly parent on here please let Shadowfrost know.

Zues: Typically children of Zues can summon lightning and control the winds. The energy limit is usually one bolt per day, though with practice this amount can be increased. Very rarely wolves are so skilled with wind that they can use it as a form of fligt.

Posidon: Children of Posidon tend to be quit powerful, some might argue even more so then children of Zues. With immense amounts of practice they can create their own hurricanes, though they start out with simply controlling water. They can understand most marine animals and horses. And of course, they can breathe under water.

Hades: The spawn of Hades can be quite frightening. The tend to be loners and outcasts, and love to hold a grudge. Some who have trained for some time can shadow travel, disappearing into a shadowy place and reappearing somewhere else. At first traveling a few miles could knock them out for a week, but like most powers they can increase the distance and lower the resting time. Children of Hades also have power over anything dead and can raise whole armies of the walking dead with practice.

Hera: This goddess does not have children with anyone other than Zues.

Demeter: Children of this goddess can control plants. Usually it is only small vines and sprouts, but over time can be increased to trees and ginormous vines.

Athena: This goddess passes on her considerable knowledge on to her children. They make terrific battle plans and often triumph over the children of Ares. 

Apollo: This gods spawn have many talents, just like him. They are skilled with music, and great and ranged attacks. It is common for them to be skilled in healing. They have some power over sunlight, as their father took on the duties from Helios. 

Artemis: This goddess is a maiden goddess, and does not have any children.

Ares: This god of war passed on his impulsiveness and strength to his children. They can't resist a fight and are good with melee fighting.

Aphrodite: The spawn of this goddess are often handsome/beautiful. Usually they are self-absorbed, or are brave with a strong voice. Every few generations a child is born with the powers of charmspeak, controlling others with their voice. The more it is used, the harder to resist it becomes, though it can be counteracted by training to resist it.

Hephaestus: This blacksmith god passes on tinkering to his children. They are skilled with tending fires and making machines unknown to wolf kind. Every century a pup is born with the power to control fire and summon it at will.

Hermes: Children of this god are often sly and tricky. They love to steal and become quite adapt at it.

Dionysus: This god, like his children, are almost useless. They have a bit of power over plants, though mostly fruits, especially grapes. The most you can hope for them is to be good hunters.

The rest coming soon!