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Alpha Female: 


Age: 39 moons

About: She is pure black with amber eyes that seem permanently covered with fog- you can't really see her personality. She is lean and a little smaller than average, but packs a punch in a fight. Kira has a long scar down one flank and two down her muzzle.

Alpha Male:


Beta Female:


Beta Male:








Lead Hunter:


Lead Warrior:




Age: Unknown

About: Crescent has beautiful silvery gray fur with a large black stripe running down her spine and a pure white underbelly, paws and tail tip. Her two different colored eyes are ice blue and soft green, she has a crescent shaped mark on her flank and is small and narrow. She wears a glowing sapphire pendant necklace flecked with a thousand different shades of blue that she never takes off.





Age: Unknown

About: Just your regular wolf. See picture for further details.


Age: 24 moons

About: This russet and tan she-wolf has piercing green orbs and a stocky build.


Age: 25 moons

About: Tonks is a Metamorphamagus (Meaning she can change her appearance at any time) but is most often seen as a stocky she-wolf with purplish gray and white fur with bright emerald green eyes.


Age: 26 moons

About: Remus is somewhat disheveled, with pathcy red-brown fur and grey-green eyes. He has an average build, though somewhat on the small side.

Beware of the outcasts. Beware of their claws and fangs, for they are sharp. Beware of the Paladins, for their rage burns strong. And above all, beware of the Stars, who will watch you, forever.

Starpack wolves have their own separate religion and beliefs. Their alpha and alphess commune with the Star Paladins, and have the blood of the Paladins running through them. Beware- questioning their beliefs will get you in big, big trouble.

Powers and Prophecies

Coming soon!

Pack Religion

As mentioned above, Starpack wolves have a unique religion. They believe in the Rise of the Dusk Wolves, wolves with wings and elemental powers. Almost all Starpack wolves are somehow related to the Dusk Wolves, who are extinct on Crescent Island. They are far away, on the Moonlight Islands.

They believe that there is an evil coming. And there is. A demon resides in the heart of every common wolf, or "Feral", a demon fed by greed and watching others suffer. 
When the time is right, these demons will emerge. They will slaughter. And the packs will be corrupted.
It is Starpack's role to destroy these demons, to make all wolves pure of heart.

The wolves who are central to the conversion are called Star Paladins. In their dreams they receive visions of the future. When a Star Paladin dies, they become one with the Circle of Stars, the leaders of the Endless Forest, home of the dead wolves. There, they will guide those on earth, and send dreams to all packs. 

"Beware, Half-Bloods. Beware of the Paladins."

Will you become one with the Stars?