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Alpha Male: Night Prowler

Age: 42 moons

About: Night is a monster, with black fur and scarlet eyes.  A pair of bat wings sit atop his broad shoulders

Alpha Female: Azula

Age: Unknown

About: Due to her small and petite build, Azula is not very strong but she makes up for it with her speed and wits. The only wolf she has ever opened up to is her mate Night Prowler, she will lay her own life on the line for him.

Beta Male: Reserved

Beta Female: Whisper

Age: 21 moons

About: Whisper is a thin silver she wolf with long legs that darken to grey. Her eyes are a neon green.

Healer: Open

Lead Hunter: Open

Lead Warrior: Open



Age: Almost two years

About: Lunar is a thin wolf, with long legs and a body built for speed and endurance. His chest is large, filled with a big heart and lungs. The small man's fur is white in color, with streaks of silver on the tips of his fur. He has one eye, green in color. He is fiercely loyal.


Age: Two years 

About:  Eclipse has silver and grey fur.  She is a cyborg, with all four of her legs half mechanical and made of metal. Her jaws are connected by metal hinges and her teeth are moving razors. Eclipse's ears are flopped over.



Age: Unknown

About: Matrix has short ash gray fur with black stripes and a crimson tail tip. His fiery red eyes appear to glow in the dark, and he has a large scar running across his entire face, giving him a "spooky" appearance. 


Tezcatlipoca "Tez" 

Age: 84 moons

About: This massive black wolf is, in short, wild, chaotic, angry, cold, brutal, cruel, determined, and spiteful. He's a completely evil character, and he's looking to mess some things up. 


Age: 26 moons

About: This large, grey and black male can be described as hot tempered, loyal, proud, and reckless. He is very protective of his sister Luna, though she is an apprentice in Thunderpack. 

Shadow Villian

Age: Unknown

About: This she-wolf can be playful, but is most often serious and protective. She is loyal through and through, and can easily be counted on to pull through. Her appearance varies widely depending on the season, with a grey pelt during the in-between times. She has highly powerful back legs, although she is not a hunter. Her legs are slimmer than would be normal for such strong legs.




Age: 5 Moons

About: The boy is slightly larger than his sister, Autumn, and has black fur with a grayish tint. His ears are almost always flopped over. He is a young, head-strong pup, with a determined nature. Loki has red eyes, the same as his father.

Shadowpack is truly is a pack of darkness. Not only the blood-marked territory with its thick canopy and dark trees bring about a dark shroud over the pack, but many of it's inhabitants have a morbid personality and are willing to kill and maim without question. Most even enjoy the act.

The wolves of Shadowpack are vicious and unforgiving towards outsiders and traitors.. They are shadowy, and learn to stalk through the dark forest and the winding tunnels underneath the surface of the pack's land quickly. It is expected of all members to carry their own weight.

Rage , rage against the dying of the light

They have a voice like black nightshade and words like the grave. You'd do them a disservice if you were not to attest to them.

Pack Laws

• Do not question the Alpha. His or Her requests may be safely assumed as a command, and should be followed by all members.

• Before joining, one must be proved worthy by Night Prowler, the current Alpha. For more info on this, shoot Night Prowler a PM.

• Respect your fellow Shadowpack members. Do not create unnecessary altercations. If you find yourself in an unnecessary disagreement, report it to the leader or a higher ranking member.

• Members of Shadowpack may depart from the pack at any time with notice but without consequence, unless something requiring banishment or eviction is at hand.

• Ranks can be competed for but the ultimate decision on who receives a promotion is up to the Alpha.. 

• Any challenges whether for rank or otherwise are to be reported to the Alpha.

• Rules are subject to change if an Alpha sees fit.

Pack Events

       Hunt of the Damned
An event that takes place only on the first Blood Moon of the year or during a Lunar Eclipse. The pack will split up into teams of three and hunt down as many prey animals as they can find. The team with the most winnings at the end of the hunt will be rewarded in rank promotion, reputation, or rare valuables.

       The Haunting
A dark and sinister occurrence ordered by Night Prowler when he sees fit. The Alpha will demand of his subjects to instill fear in the hearts of  creatures all throughout the realm. While youthful wolves often turn it into something of a game the older wolves turn it wrathful and even dangerous. The monsters of Shadowpack are truly to be feared.