Congratulations, you have found the Dark Forest. Are you an outsider? How about an odd-ball or perhaps you have a secret? If any of these applies to you, you would fit in right along with the rest of us. We all have a story to tell and they're not always pretty. . . Come on into the forest and tell yours, you might even find a home and friends here.

Be a wolf, and feel the wind through your fur, the sky hovering above you, the ground under your paws, and the prey at your mercy.

Join us in the world of wolves.

Rules that go for EVERYONE:

1) No godmodding. (ex: Goldenfeather bit the wolfs neck, killing him instantly)

2) Be respectful towards other wolves and packs.

3) Don't get into detail when breeding, wolves here just magically have pups.

4) You must be 1 1/2 years old to have a mate.

5) You must be 2 years old to have pups. (you can adopt at 1 1/2 years)

6) Litters are 1-5 pups.

7) Gestation (Time until pups are born) is 2-3 months in game.

7) Please restrict your language, no one wants to hear you cussing.

8) Use good rping skills. (Bad ex: shadowfroost intoHer den then sleept) (Good ex: Shadowfrost padded into her den and plopped down and the hard stone floor, her paws aching from the days activities. She lowered her head slowly to the ground as her eyes lids began to droop. It wasn't long before light snores were coming out of her den.) (Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus ex: The solid black furred female appeared in the entrance to her den, her normally icy blue eyes dull with tiredness. Her paws stumbled as she made way for the comfortable moss that was her bed. She almost hadn't made it, but she was now curled tightly in a ball among the moss. As the moon slowly rose, then sank, and the sun rose high in the sky, the she wolf did not stir. No one would even have guessed the den was inhabited due to the low amount of noise issuing from it.)

9) No more than 5 wolves (For now) and 1 per pack, unless the creator of this site (Shadowfrost) says otherwise. If you are the alpha/creator of the pack, you may have more for ONLY your pack.

10) Wolf life expectancy is 8-12 years. Your wolf may live longer in captivity or if it has special abilities, though no longer than 20 years after your wolf enters the game.

11) Your VERY VERY VERY first RPing piece should be in the Dark Forest. IT is the RPing section. Read the first post there to get full details.

12) I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to refrain from posting pictures or having long signatures. This is to save bandwidth. If it runs out, say goodbye to this site until the 15th. 5 line long signatures at the most.

13) !!!!!!!MOST IMPORTANT RULE!!!!!!!! Your wolf CANNOT be your average run of the mill nothing odd wolf. There must be something odd, quirky, or different about him/her.



The Alpha pair are the leaders of the pack. They are greatly respected and skilled in many areas including leadership. They make pack decisions such as when wars need to be started/ended, when to expand/shrink territory, and when the pack needs to hunt.

3 Years And Up 

The Beta pair are second in command. They are in charge when alpha is gone and become Alpha when BOTH of the previous alphas die or step down. They advise the Alphas on tough decisions, and train the Deltas.

1 year and up 

The Delta pair are apprentices of the Betas. They are usually kin of the Alpha or Beta, but not always, and become Beta when the previous pair die, become Alphas, or step down. They train and do regular apprentice duties such as cleaning out nests and de-fleaing the elders.

6 months to a year

Elders are the oldest members of the pack. They know the most about the territory and might even tell you some good stories if you beg them enough!

10 years and up 

Healers are respected wolves with a talent for healing. They love to help out and will do almost anything to save a life. They care for the ill and/or wounded from any pack, not just their own.

1 year and up 

Swift, silent, agile, and deadly are all words that describe the hunters. They keep the pack well fed and are perfect for spying or sneak attacks on other packs. Lead hunters organize and lead hunting parties. New members to this rank are given further training by the Lead Hunter.

1 year and up 

A typical warrior is strong, well built, loyal, and brave. They keep the pack and territory safe, and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Lead warriors decide which borders need marking and lead the border patrols. New members to this rank are given further training by the Lead Warrior.

1 year and up 

Omegas are not full members of the pack. They either got punished, they just joined the pack, or they don't know what rank to go into yet. They clean dens and beds and help out with various other chores that are usually left to the apprentices. 

1 year and up 

Apprentices are training to be Healer, Hunter, Warrior, or Delta. They are not allowed on hunting expeditions or border patrols, but are allowed to hunt small animals independently.

6 months to a year 

Pups are the youngest members of the pack. They are not allowed out of the den-site without their mother or father.

newborn to a year


This system is to make the site more fair and help determine the winner. If you want to battle your wolf must first be on this list. To apply to be on this list, read the very first post on the 5th page of the PLEASE READ forum in General Discussion. AG - Agility, S - Strength, SP - Speed, and A - Accuracy.


Shadowfrost: AG-13, S-6, SP-14, A-11

Leo: AG-14, S-6, SP- 12, A- 8

Scarlet: MISSING

Coudfeather: AG-12, S-8, SP-11, A-9

Emberbreeze: AG-5, S-11, SP-8, A-6

Robinwing: AG-13, S-5, SP-9, A-3

Venus: AG-7, S-9, SP-4, A-10


Storm: AG-4, S-11, SP-7, A-8

Lightclaw: AG-10, S-10, SP-10, A-10

(Shadowpack, the loners, and Starpack will be up soonish. If yours says MISSING, go read the forum, READ ME!)


NightProwler: AG-6, S-21, SP-7, A-10


Whisper: AG-4, S-12, Sp-14, A-15

Join us, on Crescent Island...

Site News:

THIS SITE IS DEAD. Almost everyone is innactive, and I, (Skylos, the one and only owner) only check it every week or two.


Thinking about joining? Please wait to begin role playing, the current plot line is no longer in use, and will be changed very soon.

It is currently around noon. The storm clouds have moved in and the wind has picked up. I wouldn't be surprised if you felt a few drops of rain. It's a bit chilly, and getting colder. Last night was the third quarter.

We are on the second month of summer and the solstice is tommarrow.

Here are some people. You might want to say "Hi" to them or whatever, because they could be good friends.

We'll give you a howl when something new happens...

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